Academic Listening

1. Visit the Academic Lisitening BBC podcasts (digital audio file) by clicking here: BBC Academic Lisitening

2. Choose one of these podcasts:

a) Introduction to English for Academic Purposes, or EAP.

b) Lectures: this programme takes a look at a range of techniques to make listening to lectures easier.

c) How lectures are organised.

d) Lectures: the introduction.

e) Lectures: marker phrases.

f) Lectures: the conclusion.

g) Academic reading.

h) Using the library.

i) Academic writing.

j) More on academic writing.

k) Seminars and tutorials.

l) Exams.

3. Listen to it once without the transcript.

4. Listen to your selection again using the transcript.

5. Relate your topic with your own academic experience learning English.

6. Give recommendations to Modern Languages Students.

Some of my EFL students recommendations are:

"Students should try to flow into knowledge, not to force themselves to it, so they would like it when it comes."

"Students should start to think critically."

"Students should have more authentic contact with the language: read, listen and watch."