Step 1: Pre-production (before recording your video)

• Prepare your “script”. • Select your setting. • Choose illustrative material (audiovisual) and characters.

Step 2: Production (Recording your video)

• Record your video • Select your e-tool (windows movie maker). • Use mp4 or WMV format and keep your video recording to up to 1 GB and 10 minutes. • Read these further instructions to produce youtube video: • Generate a video using a Power Point presentation using Camtasia or camstudio (free software). This activity is optional. • Add music to your video, but bear in mind you need to select free royalty music. Google search music websites under the Creative Commons license.

Step 3: Post-production (After recording it)

• Edit your video. • Omit repetitions. • Avoid noise.

Step 3: Publishing • Upload your video to youtube. • Send the URL to your teacher via email. • Publish your video on the class blog. • Write a brief introduction to your video. • Get ready to participate in your video discussion.